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Attorney King Aminpour, Esq.
Car Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney King Aminpour has recovered over 200 million dollars for clients as their personal injury lawyer. He has developed Attorney King Aminpour Car Accident Law Firm and turned it into California's premier personal injury law firm. Mr. Aminpour believes that every client he works with as his or her auto accident attorney or personal injury attorney deserves the very best care. That is why he treats each client like a member of his own family, and why he is a top car crash attorney with offices in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Whether you need a car accident attorney, motorcycle accident attorney, or personal injury attorney in San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles, Mr. Aminpour will help you receive the compensation you deserve and get back to the level of wellness you experienced prior to your accident.

“When corporations or entities act with negligence or reckless disregard for the health and safety of others, every member of our firm is dedicated to fighting with every ounce of energy to help those victims get the justice they deserve,” - King Aminpour.

Accident Attorney King Aminpour and his staff of legal professionals have extensive experience in personal injury cases. The firm has handled thousands of cases involving bodily injury and wrongful death as the result of auto and industrial accidents, commercial injuries, product defects and liability, medical malpractice, and many other personal injury matters. When outside expertise is required, their extended network of expert consultants enables them to prepare the strongest case possible.

Since 1996, the firm has specialized in the trial and resolution of personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout California. Lawyers at Attorney King Aminpour Law Firm have over 100 years of combined experience in the auto accident field, and since 1996 has helped over 16,000 injured victims in accident cases ranging from Semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, to everyday car accidents. Whenever you are searching for representation in an injury or wrongful death case, you need to find a firm that is experienced in that specific type of accident. It is difficult to find a law firm with more experience in injury related accidents than Attorney King Aminpour’s Law Firm. We take pride in our reputation and our success rate for our clients.

Unfortunately, most law firms today are hesitant to take their clients' cases to trial when less than adequate compensation is offered by the wrongdoing party and/or his/her/its insurance company. The adage “justice delayed is justice denied" too often becomes the norm as law firms thrust unjust settlements upon their clients after years of delay.

The firm’s thousands of successes have earned them a reputation throughout California not only for their legal expertise, but their compassion and dogged advocacy for injury victims. 

The presence of Attorney King Aminpour's Law Firm is an acknowledgement that the firm exists to serve its clients. Founded by Aminpour in 1996 to assist those that suffer from life-altering injuries or loss of a loved one, lawyers at King Aminpour’s law firm have developed a strong reputation as a winning law firm that vigorously advocates for California victims.

“Advocating for victims and helping them and their families put their lives back together is the driving force behind this firm. Consequently, every client’s story and the pursuit of victory to help them get their lives back on track are unspeakably important to every member of this firm” said King Aminpour.

Since a young age, Attorney King Aminpour has been driven to become an advocate for those without a voice. As the youngest law school graduate in California, he started college at age 11 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the science of law at age 15. After attending law school part time for four years, he graduated with a doctorate in law at the age of 19.

Having lost loved ones in auto and industrial accidents himself, Aminpour understands the agony and torment suffered by people and families who fall victim to the negligence and carelessness of others. Since founding the firm in 1996, Aminpour and his team have assisted more than 16,000 clients and recovered over 200 million dollars for victims and families affected by life-altering injuries or death.

The importance of quality legal counsel cannot be overstated. It is crucial to have an experienced and dedicated firm that is experienced in injury cases. Lawyers at Attorney King Aminpour’s law firm have built a reputation in the community and the insurance companies know they mean business. That reputation has been built over the last 20 years by successfully recovering millions of dollars in settlement funds for our clients.
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