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When facing an unfortunate whiplash injury, you will need lawyers that have the experience and recognition of King Aminpour to be able to get the settlement you deserve.

The lawyers at attorneys at King Aminpour's Law Firm have been helping those in need of representation at such times for over 20 years. 

Our lawyers with a 99% success rate, have been recognized as California's Premier Personal Injury Attorneys. 

Regardless of your injury you have a right to free counsel and the best representation that can be afforded to you.

Whiplash is a serious condition that most frequently occurs when passengers and drivers in automobile accidents are hit from behind or involved in a rear-end collisions. It is the result of the forceful forward and backward snap of the head and neck due to the impact of an accident. Whiplash can also result from falls, slips, and blows to the head (either from forceful assaults or sports injuries.)

Other terms for whiplash include “cervical strain,” “cervical sprain,” or hyperextension injury.

Typically, treatment for whiplash injuries include muscle relaxants, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, immobilization of the neck, physical and range-of-motion therapy, and massage therapy.

Due to the lack of visual symptoms, whiplash can seem to be a minor injury. However, if left untreated in my result in chronic pain and cause a person to be more likely to suffer from future back and neck injuries.
Attorney King Aminpour & his well accomplished staff of lawyers have a diverse background in representing victims who have been injured due to negligence in car crash accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, Uber accidents, dog bites, and other act of negligence.

King Aminpour's first and primary goal is to help the victims who have been injured reach a full recover of their health. 

As your lawyer we will take every measure to ensure to reach the highest outcome for you our client. 

To further ease the process at this time of hardship, there are 
NO FEES collected till we obtain the highest compensation for you. 

This insures our clients that we are investing our time and finances to reap the highest outcome for our clients. 

When seeking a lawyer to represent you or a loved one who has been sustained a whiplash injury, you need to contact Attorney King Aminpour. The lawyers at Attorney King Aminpour’s Law Firm are specialized in taking on personal injury cases. Your free consultation with Attorney King Aminpour will allow you an opportunity to find out what your rights are, and get a better understand of the merits of claim.

Regardless of your current circumstances, if you have been injured, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to contact the lawyers at attorney King Aminpour's Law Firm.

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