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If you or a loved one has been a victim of bad faith by an insurer you need the experienced personal injury lawyers at Attorney King Aminpour’s Law Firm. 

An insurance company would be acting in bad faith, if the unreasonably refuse to pay your claim, or refuses to properly defend and protect you from the claim of others.

If your insurer has acted in bad faith, you may be able file a lawsuit against them. Lawsuits brought against insurance companies will need to show and prove that the insurer has not acted in good faith to their policy holders.

The lawyers at Attorney King Aminpour’s Law Firm are experienced personal injury attorneys that have helped over 16,320 victims of personal injury caused by negligence in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles for the more then 20 years, with a 99% success rate, while collecting over $200 million for our clients. 

When facing an insurance company that has acted in bad faith, you will need lawyers that have the experience and recognition of King Aminpour to be able to get the settlement you deserve.
Bad faith claims against an insurance company require many different considerations such as did the insurer satisfy their duty to investigate, indemnify, defend, and settle reasonably.

Claims made against bad faith insurers are typically complicated cases to litigate. The parties at fault and their insurance companies will typically have large and experienced attorneys representing them, to minimize their liability to claims. 

Attorney King Aminpour’s Law Firm will take your personal injury case on with the guarantee that there will be no fees charged until we win your case. 

Taking your case on contingency is intended to lessen the stresses and pressures that follow after a traumatic injuries. This also insures you that the Lawyers at Attorney King Aminpour’s Law Firm are investing in your claim, by investing our time, and resources in your claim. 

We do this because we are confident in our abilities and our track record has proven our ability to obtain the highest settlement possible for you, our client.

When seeking a lawyer to represent you or a loved one who has been affected by a bad faith insurer, you need to contact Attorney King Aminpour. The lawyers at Attorney King Aminpour’s Law Firm are specialized in taking on bad faith insurance cases. Your free consultation with Attorney King Aminpour will allow you an opportunity to find out what your rights are, and get a better understand of the merits of claim. 
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